2019 Volunteer of the Year Award Nomination

Volunteer of the Year Award: 

Honours a CHIMA Chapter member who has made a significant and meaningful contribution to the delivery of the Chapter Committee mandates, services, or efforts, and or its members through volunteer efforts.

It is imperative, as a nominator, that you have reviewed the CHIMA Pinnacle Awards: Purpose, Eligibility and Criteria Guide, and obtained the Nominee's approval of their nomination prior to completing this online nomination process.

Also, prior to commencing your online nomination, you must have the following forms completed for attachment and combine all three files into ONE PDF document.

• Two Letters of Support to be uploaded (both letters of support must be from CHIMA members in good standing, one of which can be from the nominator)
• Nominee's CV/Resume to be uploaded (this document must demonstrate that the award eligibility and criteria have been fulfilled)

Important: Please ensure the Letters of Support, and the Nominee's resume, clearly depicts and highlights how the nominee has met the eligibility criteria, by providing examples, for this award. The Scoring Committees reference both the Letters of Support, as well as, the Nominee's resume during the award scoring process.

Nomination deadline date is Friday, March 8, 2019