Chapter Committee - Volunteer Recruitment

This application is aimed at candidates wishing to volunteer to sit on your Chapter Committee.

Most Chapter Committee meetings are held by teleconference or online, and a typical volunteer is required to give about 3-4 hours a month split between these meetings and doing independent work. Often the Chapter Committee will meet outside of normal work hours to accomodate various work obligations, such as in an evening.

In order to submit your name as a potential volunteer, you must provide some brief information about yourself and your experience in the online tool (button called "Start Survey" provided below).

Currently, applications are being accepted.

Before clicking on the button, please be aware that you will be required to:

  • Answer a few short questions regarding your knowledge of CHIMA/Chapters and about how you have handled certain situations.
  • Submit a copy of your resume
  • Submit a signed *Letter of Support from your employer (or Program Coordinator for students).  The letter must be signed and dated by your supervisor.

*The signed Letter of Support is to ensure that your supervisor is aware of your volunteer commitment and that you will be able to bring back information to your organization. Download a template here. In the event that you won't be able to get a Letter of Support in time to meet the application deadline (because you are self-employed, your supervisor is on vacation, etc), please submit a placeholder doucment instead and contact the CHIMA Coordinator - Chapter and Member Relations to indicate that you have done so.

When you click on the Start Survey button the questions will appear at the bottom of the page.