Continuing professional education program

Continuing professional education program

NOTE: CHIMA courses completed under ‘My professional development’ by default register an activity as category 1 of the CPE program policy at this time. These will be amended as required when the College performs auditing.

Frequently asked questions

With the assistance of a national volunteer group, the College examined best practices from other organizations on tracking continuing education. These categories are now more comprehensive. This will allow for the acceptance of a broad range of CPE activities. To be more inclusive, the policy no longer names specific vendors.

At this time, previously submitted activities are only visible to CHIMA administrators. You will soon be able to see your current cycle history.

Please follow these steps:
1. Navigate to the top right of your screen to log in. Then click on the dropdown menu beside your name (in the top right) and select ‘My dashboard.’
2. Scroll down and click ‘Manage’ in the ‘My College certifications‘ section.
3. Click on ‘View’ in ‘My CPE record.’

You’ll have the ability to look at your current cycle status, manually submit new activities, and view your CPE record for anything that has been entered beginning April 27, 2020.

Yes, with the following requirements:
1. They happened in your current cycle
2. You haven’t submitted them before (e.g., in the manual Excel tracking tool)

No. Only CHIMA Administrators may edit a submission. Please contact [email protected]

When you are taking a CHIMA-hosted professional development offering (e.g., course, series, PPB quiz, or education session) you will notice a purple bar displaying how many credits that activity is worth. Upon completion, you can check your CPE record to confirm this has gone through.

Example of an automatic PPB quiz graphic displaying it's worth 1 automatic cpe credit

Please refer to the CPE program policy.

Please refer to the CPE program policy.

A file upload is not mandatory. If audited by the College, proof of completion is required. All professional members must have proof of their activities for both their current cycle and previous cycle.

All submissions are approved pending audit from the Canadian College of Health Information Management.