CHIM international graduate pathway

CHIM international graduate pathway


To be eligible for the international graduate pathway, the Canadian College of Health Information Management (College) requires proof of graduation from an international HIM or health record science programs outside of Canada and Australia.

Assessment process

Step 1: Purchase the Certified in Health Information Management (CHIM) international graduate assessment for $750 + applicable taxes.

Step 2: Upon purchasing the CHIM international graduate assessment, please submit the following required supporting documentation to [email protected] to initiate the review process:

  • Proof of English language proficiency (overall IELTS must be 7.0 with no individual score lower than 6.0; the College may make exceptions for applicants who studied university in an English-speaking country)
  • Evidence of graduation from a HIM or health record science program at the diploma or degree level (photo or copy of the diploma/certificate)
  • Official undergraduate and or graduate transcript(s)
  • Course outlines for the completed program(s) of study (generally available from the graduating institution)
  • Professional resume outlining HIM work experience

Step 3: The College reviews all required documentation. The time frame for review can vary depending on the number of assessments being processed.

Step 4: The College emails the candidate a letter outlining the gaps in education. Gaps must be filled by taking a formal course(s) from one or more online HIM programs accredited by the College. Once complete, a transcript confirming completion can be sent to [email protected].

Step 5: The College emails the applicant a final letter confirming eligibility to write the CHIM national certification examination. 

Frequently asked questions 

The College will provide a list of required courses from accredited HIM distance education programs that may be taken outside of Canada. If the gaps are too large, the College will require the applicant to take a full accredited HIM program.

The College requires applicants submit official or documented authentic transcripts, sealed and sent directly from the academic institution. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted.

A course outline is a detailed outline (generally 3–7 pages) of what content will be covered on a weekly basis in a course. It contains information the College requires to award a candidate credit for prior learning. A course description does not contain enough information and is not considered equivalent to a course outline.

Academic institutions usually keep course outlines on file. While they may not have the course outline from the candidate’s exact year of study, a more recent course outline is also acceptable.

Candidates whose first language is English or who have completed academic studies in English are exempt from providing test scores. Candidates who do not speak English as their primary language or who have not studied in English must achieve an overall IELTS test score of 7.0, with no individual score lower than 6.0. The College reserves the right to request formal IELTS scores during the review of all candidates, including those who studied in English, if there is evidence of a lack of language proficiency.


Please direct any further questions to [email protected] and someone from our national team will be able to assist you.