Sonya Stasiuk, CHIM (Director)

Sonya is a certified Health Information Management Professional with 30 plus years in public service. She is currently the Director of Data Management within the Analytics and Performance Reporting Branch at the Ministry of Health in Alberta. In this role she provides strategic leadership and oversight for health information standards and data quality to support the provincial electronic health record, health system applications, and the analytics environment at the ministry. For many years prior she was the director of health records and registration at a rural health care facility, and then a senior analyst in the regional health care system in Alberta. Sonya considers herself very fortunate in her career path to have had opportunities to expand her knowledge and experience in health system performance and indicators, health services utilization, community health research, and health informatics related domains. She has always maintained a keen interest and commitment to the people side of her work and understands that to implement great or small change someone has to be intentionally planning and monitoring the impacts of system wide change on the people involved at all levels. This holds very true to the changing environment for health information management professionals. While it has been a little over 10 years since Sonya was a CHIMA board member she is looking forward to serving in this capacity again at this time and continuing to learn and to share our collective vision.