National Team

Andrew Quayle, BA, CHIM
Coordinator - Member and Chapter Relations
Direct: +1-289-799-5654
Kaitlin McNamara
Coordinator - Marketing and Operations
Direct: +1-343-803-3774
Alisha Peto, CHIM
Coordinator - Special Projects
CPEs and Re-Certification
Direct: +1-306-994-4126
Paula Weisflock Paula Weisflock, MAEd, BHA(HIM), CHIM
Director - Professional Development
Direct: +1-437-637-5237
Jessica MacDougall, BSC., BHIM, MHI CHIM
Director - Accreditation and Certification
Direct: +1-902-703-6913
Janna Ball, CHIM
Coordinator - Education Pathways
Direct: +1-604-334-4380
Wendy Guilfoyle
Coordinator - Finance and Human Resources
Direct: +1-226-777-8320
Jeff Nesbitt Jeff Nesbitt, MBA
CEO & Registrar
Direct: +1-226-499-9056

Mailing Address

201 King Street
London, ON, N6A 1C9
Phone: +1-519-438-6700
Toll Free: +1-888-40-CHIMA (24462)
Fax: +1-519-438-7001


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