CHIM Information Consulting Inc. (CHIM Consulting) is a private consulting corporation; CHIM Consulting was established over ten years ago as the business division of the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA).   CHIM Consulting holds one of the most extensive Health Information Management (HIM®) consulting resource databases in Canada and provides a full complement of efficient and reliable health information management expertise and solutions. CHIM Consulting consultants are selected from the most senior and experienced HIM professionals in Canada to provide informed, inspired and incisive advice and consultative services to the Canadian health care industry.  

Our consultants are all senior level professionals with extensive experience working in the Canadian health care system at hospital, regional, provincial, federal levels across all types of organizations. They are able to quickly assimilate and respond to the needs of our clients and are dedicated to helping organizations accelerate change, improve business processes and achieve desired results to improve the collection, use and management of complex health information for both clinical and administrative purposes. 

Should you require additional information about our consulting services, or wish to engage our consultants in your HIM related projects, please contact the CHIM Consulting staff as listed in the Contact Us link or call 226-499-9056.

What Types of Services Does CHIM Consulting Offer?

As experienced and certified HIM professionals, CHIM Consulting provides skilled expertise on many health information management topics, centered around the six HIM core competencies of Health Information (which includes HIM, Health Information Analysis and Business Intelligence, Health Information Privacy, Confidentiality and Access), Information Systems and Technology, Ethics and Practice, Health Care Systems in Canada, Management, and Biomedical Sciences. 

HIM professionals have unique skill sets in areas as diverse as ensuring Electronic Health Record (EHR) functionalities are meeting an organizations’ business/legal needs, privacy, access and security requirements and overall data and information requirements to assisting an organization in its clinical and administrative decision support strategies and implementation plans and assessing departmental and organizational business process workflow policies and processes.

As experts in ICD-10-CA-CCI coding and data/information analysis, CHIM Consulting offers unparalleled services in working with organizations in their data analysis and use of information to achieve quality outcomes and performance measurements, including re-abstracting studies and clinical documentation assessments. Our clinical documentation improvement projects can include detailed reviews of physician and other health care providers’ documentation with recommendations for education/training and implementation of strategies for measuring improvements over time.

We have a wealth of experience and skills among our consulting resources
in the following areas of expertise:  

  • Re-abstracting (coding audits) and Clinical Documentation Assessments 
  • Data Quality and Compliance/Quality Improvement
  • Clinical and Administrative Decision Support 
  • Health Informatics and Data Analytics 
  • Privacy / Security / Data Protection
  • EHR (Electronic Health Record) transition and implementation
  • Information / Records Management 
  • Workflow Analysis and Workload Measurement
  • HIM and Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)
  • Project Management 
  • Strategic Planning and Change Management


1 International Classification of Diseases and Health Related Problems, 10th Revision, Canadian Modification (ICD-10-CA) and the Canadian Classification of Health Interventions (CCI)