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Recognizing EXCELLENCE

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The Tribute to Excellence honours a CHIMA member whose professional practice exemplifies excellence in health information management.  We are proud to present this award to Dr. Candace Gibson (ON).

In addition to receiving her Ph.D. in nutritional biochemistry in 1977, Candace has made major achievements in biomedical research, and was appointed as the Assistant Dean, Basic Medical Sciences Undergraduate Education at the Schulich Medicine and Dentistry School at the University of Western Ontario.

Candace has also made significant contributions to the health information management profession, through her involvement on the Council on Education and Professional Practice over the last six (6) years, as an Educational Consultant/Academic Advisor; her involvement on numerous Task Teams including LOHIM; the HIM Lifecycle Task Team; and her participation on the editorial team for the Fundamentals of Health Information Management Textbook in 2008; and as co-editor of the second edition.  Candace also served as Vice Chair, then Chair of the Board from 2011-2013.

Candace is a life-long learner and educator.  In her role as an HIM educator, she finds the most rewarding part of her job is to mentor the next generation and provide them with an appreciation of the history of the Association and what the future can hold. “I want to instill in my students that they can be leaders in the HIM profession”.

“As a woman in non-traditional female roles often times I struggled to define my career on my own”.  Because of his work in critical care and interest in health information technology, Dr. Bill Sibbald spurred Candace on to explore options in Health Information Management and Health Informatics. “When the call came to the universities to implement HIM programs, Bill was instrumental in this project, and shaped the direction I took in my career”, said Candace.

Over the past 20 years, Candace has interacted with many people at all levels. As a scientist and researcher, Candace’s work tends to be more competitive, but she finds “the HIM profession is personable and giving.  HIMs are an incredible group, who are warm and helpful, and it has been a joy to work in this field”.

Candace’s message to all HIMs is “BE BOLD!  This is a time of real critical importance for HIMs in terms of where the profession is going and it is incumbent on HIMs to shape their own future.  Be bold, step up and shape your future and the future of the HIM profession and take on greater responsibilities and leadership roles”.

Congratulations, Candace!

The Volunteer Award honours a CHIMA member who has made a significant and meaningful contribution to the delivery of services to CHIMA members through volunteer efforts.  We are proud to present this award to Margie Taylor (NS).

Margie has been described as a volunteer extraordinaire!  She is an engaged talented leader who is always willing to offer assistance no matter the task.  Margie states that “being a part of the growth of the profession through volunteerism has provided her with a wider perspective and allowed her to network with many different groups”.  Margie has served as a volunteer in many capacities, including President of the Nova Scotia Health Information Management Association (NSHIMA), and as Chair of the National Health Information Management Alliance (NHIMA).  Margie’s leadership came to the forefront during the discussions of moving from Provincial Associations to the Chapter Model. Her willingness to adapt to any situation, her vision during times of adversity, and desire to seek out change, makes her a remarkable team player and leader. “I want to be involved to contribute to the profession –it’s very rewarding” says Margie.

Margie started off in Medical Transcription 35 years ago.  Early in her career an opportunity arose where the Hospital she was employed, offered sponsorship for students to take the Continuing Distance Education (CDE) Health Information Management (HIM) program, and Margie took it.  She was certified in 2005, and as Margie says, “I’ve never looked back”.

Margie feels that mentoring the HIM students at the Aberdeen during their practicum is important work as “they are the HIM future” she says.

Margie is considered an engaging talented leader who is always willing to offer assistance whatever the task.  Her passion for health information management is second to none. She has a strong belief that HIM professionals should promote their profession, and she never misses an opportunity to do so yourself, particularly during Health Information Management Professionals Week celebrations.

Margie has been described as an honest, kind, fun loving person who is an excellent communicator who engages, inspires and motives others. She is a dedicated HIM professional who  encourages students to take on leadership roles, as well as demonstrating exceptional leadership skills when mentoring HIM students and inspire them to achieve excellence.

“It certainly is an honor to have been chosen for such a prestigious award considering all the talent that is within the HIM profession across Canada”.  Margie believes that all HIMs should never miss an opportunity to promote the profession as “we do important work in health care”, she says.

Congratulations, Margie!

The Volunteer Award honours a CHIMA member who has made a significant and meaningful contribution to the delivery of services to CHIMA members through volunteer efforts.  We are proud to present this award to Darlene Popowich (AB).

Over the last number of years, Darlene has been a champion promoting the Health Information Management (HIM) profession, and has worked passionately to improve data quality.  During her career, Darlene has worked in the public sector and helped navigate changes that resulted in one regional health authority for the province of Alberta.  She has willingly shared her expertise and learned from other knowledgeable people to communicate the importance of the HIM profession.

Darlene is a strong advocate of Data Quality.  “Data quality is key! HIMs need to look at data from all different perspectives to understand the very detailed data, in order to achieve good analysis”.

Darlene has been involved in numerous projects and has taken an active leadership role in data quality improvement initiatives with a diverse list of stakeholders including with the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) team, who are working with the NACRS data collection, in an effort to standardize the data nationally.

“The future in the data collection in all areas of HIM will help make a difference in the clinical world, said Darlene.  As we start using data more for funding, benchmarking, etc. the future will be very different in terms of the way HIMs do their work.  Our work is connected to so many areas, such as Finance and Registration, and by working with other professionals we will make an impact”.

Darlene has been a great ambassador for the health information management profession, and has expressed her thanks for this award, however noted that “it is everyone together that is making a difference”.

Congratulations, Darlene!

The Promising New Professional Award honours a graduate student member who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement at the time of being a student, and displays excellent work ethics that embodies the Mission, Vision and Values of CHIMA CHIMA.  We are proud to present this award to Danielle Renaud (BC).

Danielle graduated in 2012 with honours from Douglas College, and successfully challenged the CHIMA National Certification Exam.  She was one of only six candidates nationwide who met the requirements for the Honour Award that year.

Danielle says that “I enjoy working with the HIM Team at the Lower Mainland in BC.  Everyone is so positive and patient, and they always take time to lend a helping hand”.

Since joining the Providence Healthcare, she has taken on many challenges; one of those challenges was SNOMED-CT.  What started as a practicum presentation turned into a national initiative, one that Danielle is passionate about. In addition, Danielle helped to co-author the CHIMA published SNOMED-CT Primer, and states that “I’m passionate about this project and I’ve learned to be a good communicator through presenting to HIM leaders and professionals, as well as a Webinar for the Health Records Association of British Columbia (HRABC). Danielle states that ‘volunteering to co-author the SNOMED CT primer was also a great way to learn more about writing and editing a professional documents”.

Health Information Management was not Danielle’s first choice of careers.  Danielle actually worked as an Ultrasound Technologist, and before that as an X-Ray Technologist.  After 20 years, she made a change in career path, based on conversations with a friend who had been in the field for more than 20 years herself.

“I am surprised, honoured and humbled by this award, and I want to thank everyone who made this possible”.

The message Danielle wants to share with her colleagues is that “HIM jobs are important in the world of health care, and we all need to have a voice and believe we are important.  While we’re not in direct patient care, our role is just as valuable, and we need to be proud of our role”.

Congratulations, Danielle!

Recognizing EXCELLENCE

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Pinnacle Awards - Recognizing Excellence and outstanding contributions to the Health Information Management Profession.

The Canadian Health Information Management Association Pinnacle Awards recognize the incredible achievements and considerable accomplishments of CHIMA members.

 CHIMA currently has four Pinnacle Awards:

  • Honourary Life Member Award (bestowed by the Board of Directors Only)
  • Promising New Professional Award
  • Tribute to Excellence Award
  • Volunteer Award

Historical Pinnacle Award Recipients

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