Effective January 2019, CCHIM now uses an online proctoring service that provides students the flexibility to challenge examinations remotely and with more scheduling freedom. Examination candidates may also view a video on how online proctoring works.

Candidates will notice four entities that have come together to make 24/7 online proctoring possible. These are: 

  1. CCHIM | certifying body
  2. CHIMA | examination coordinators 
  3. Captus | examination host
  4. Examity® | online proctoring service 


To comply with live, online proctoring, the computer system requirements include:

  • Desktop computer with an external 720p webcam or better and a built-in microphone or a laptop computer with a built-in webcam and microphone (not a tablet, Chromebook, or cell phone)
  • Built-in speakers or better
  • A consistent internet speed (25 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload is strongly recommended)
  • Hot spots are not permitted
  • Reduce usage of other users on the network (i.e. streaming, cloud syncing)
  • Disable any browser pop-up blockers­

IMPORTANT: Please conduct several internet speed tests in the days leading up to an examination to see that your connection is consistent:


Examination room must meet the following criteria:



Private room whereby the candidate is the only person present

Room with any other persons

Daylight quality lighting – preferably overhead

Lighting which comes from behind the candidate

Desk or table must be clean and free of materials*

Mobile phones, study notes

Environment suitable to focus  

Music or television are not permitted to minimize distractions between the candidate and proctor

 * Please review the individual examination guide specific to the credential being challenged. There may be different external resources which are allowed to be used, i.e. paper, calculators, etc.

  1. The proctor will instruct candidates to complete a webcam scan of the room and make any adjustments accordingly.
  2. Candidates must present one form of valid (not expired) government-issued photo identification to the proctor. It must contain the candidate’s photograph and signature. If the candidate’s government-issued photo identification appears to be damaged or altered in any way, the candidate may not be allowed to begin the examination.
  3. The timer on the examination will not start until the test has begun.  
  4. Candidates may not leave the room at any time with the exception of using the washroom. The examination will not be paused; the timer on the examination will continue.


Candidates must arrive 15 minutes prior to their examination time to meet the proctor and authenticate the process. 

If a candidate's computer or testing environment does not meet the above requirements, they will be asked to re-schedule to a subsequent CCHIM examination sitting and pay for that attempt.

CCHIM recommends booking an online proctoring time within the 9:00 am – 5:00 pm ET business hours during which the examination host, Captus, will be readily available to troubleshoot any network issues which may arise. If the candidate’s sitting is outside of these business hours, support will be limited to the online proctoring service only and the examination may need to be rescheduled.

NOTE: The timer on the exam page is for information purposes only. That is, the exam will not shut down when the timer reaches 0. The time of initial login and the time of final submission of the final review page will be recorded. If there are any issues that result in a loss of time (such as technical issues, fire alarms, etc.), have your proctor record the reason and estimated loss of time. This information will be taken into consideration upon review of the final grades and proctor's report. Substantial time overages without valid reason may result in an invalidation of your exam.

Technical issues are addressed on a case-by-case basis. An investigation may be conducted if there is a need.


Candidates may reschedule the examination date or time within the approved exam sitting (e.g. July 15-19, 2019) through their Examity® account. Please be aware that there will be an online proctoring charge for rescheduling.

If a candidate is late to their examination time, this will be logged as a no-show. Candidates will be required to re-schedule an examination time with an online proctoring charge associated.  


Candidates are required to contact the correct parties for support throughout this 12-Step Examination Process:



- CHIMA Memberships
- account details

- Applications & Approvals
- Transcripts
- Examination Primer
- Results

- Network connections
- Computers
- Private testing environment
- Technical support prior to examination day
* During regular business hours, 9 am - 5 pm ET 

- Scheduling examination time
- account details
- EXAMINATION DAY: Proctoring support
1-855-392-6489, Option 1

Please state that you are writing a CHIMA examination with CAPTUS as the school.



Last Updated: June 24, 2019