The Canadian College of Health Information Management (CCHIM) is the national accrediting body for Health Information Management (HIM) education in Canada. Accreditation provides public notification that an HIM program meets the standards of quality education set forth by CCHIM. As a process accreditation with CCHIM confirms that the educational facility is committed to self-assessment and external peer review in meeting or exceeding the standards and to continuously find new ways to enhance the quality of education and training provided. The ultimate goal is to meet the evolving needs of the HIM professional - that of supporting quality healthcare decisions through quality health information management practices.

CCHIM’s program accreditation process is the means by which CCHIM evaluates formal educational programs for their suitability to prepare students to meet national standards and become eligible to enter HIM practice as certified professionals. Graduates of CCHIM-accredited programs are eligible to challenge the CCHIM national certification examination (NCE).

In relation to program accreditation, the CCHIM works to:

  • implement continuous quality improvement in educational activities
  • develop and maintain dynamic learning content for program implementation and professional education which support the advancement of professional standards
  • monitor and evaluate programs to ensure continuous quality and effectiveness of formal programs

Questions regarding program accreditation may be directed to