Top 10 Questions: Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Tracking

1. What happens if I cannot get 36 credits by the end of my 3 year cycle?

The mandatory CPE program was put in place to encourage life long learning and ensure members are up-to-date on current professional practice. It is not meant to be punitive. If you are struggling to obtain your 36 credits by the end of your 3 year cycle, please notify us and we will work with you to support your attainment of required credits.

2. Do we have to track our CPE credits online using the online tracking tool?

Yes. All active CHIMA members must participate in the mandatory CPE program and use the online tracking tool. This was made mandatory starting with the March 2009-February 2012 cycle. You can access the online tool by logging in to the Members Only section of the CHIMA website.

3. How do I know what cycle I should be entering in?

When you log in to the Members Only section of the CHIMA website your current cycle will be displayed under the “My Membership” section.

4. How do I know what category to put my activities in?

Information on continuing professional education as well as a link to the Mandatory Continuing Professional Education Credit Policy/Assignment can be found on the CHIMA website at the following link - 

The policy, found on the right hand side of the page, will provide you with a breakdown of all sections and what activities fall within each category.  If your session does not fit exactly with a specific category, as long as the session is eligible for credits you may find the best fit and add the credits with a brief description of your session.

5. If I have been on maternity leave for part of my 3 year cycle am I exempt from having to take credits during this time?

The CPE cycle is set to run on a three (3) year cycle to allow for maternity leave or a short term leave of absence. If you feel you have extenuating circumstances and would like to discuss this with us, please email

6. Where do I put the courses I have taken through CIHI?

Live or in person CIHI workshops, teleconferences, or webinars fall under section 3a or the policy and are worth 1.0 CPE credits per clock hour. Online eLearning courses in which you have to pass an assessment at the end in order to obtain a certificate are worth 5.0 CPE credits and fall under section 3b of the policy.

7. If I have more than 36 credits for my current cycle can I carry them over to my next cycle?

No, you may not carry over credits from a previous cycle.  All credits must be taken within the three (3) year cycle you are entering for.

8. What do I need to keep as back up or proof of CPE credits for my files?

All members are required to keep proof of the credits entered in the online tracking system in case of audit. In most cases, this will be a certificate of completion provided for the session, workshop, or conference attended. If certificates are not provided, you should maintain the following documentation where appropriate: 

  • Meeting agenda that outline the specific educational component and length of time (please note, meetings are not eligible for education credit though an educational component within a meeting may be eligible);
  • Receipt for the workshop or course attended; or
  • Letter of attestation from your manager or supervisor. 

9. How long do I need to maintain a record of the backup?

All members should be keeping a file of support material for not only your current cycle but two years past the deadline of your past cycle, e.g. if your credit cycle ended in February 2015; documents should be stored and maintained until March 2017.

10. When do I submit the proof of my credits to CHIMA?

Unless you are chosen for audit, you do not need to submit your documents to CHIMA. If you are randomly selected, we will notify you and advise you regarding what documents you must submit, how, when, and to whom.