As a standard, many professional associations require their members to engage in lifelong learning. CHIMA’s philosophy on professional development, as stated in tenet six of the Code of Ethics, is for members “to strive to improve one’s professional knowledge and competence through continuing education and lifelong learning.” 

The Canadian College of Health Information Management's mandatory Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program was put in place to achieve the goal of ensuring Health Information Management (HIM®) professionals are up to date on current professional practice and to encourage continuous learning and professional development. The completion of educational sessions or professional development programs enhances current skills, expands knowledge in a specific area, and contributes to professional growth.

The College requires all active certified members to participate in mandatory continuing professional education as defined by the governing regulations, to maintain their professional certification. This is an integral requirement of membership.

All certified members are required to:

  1. Maintain the required number of Continued Professional Education (CPE) credits according to the CCHIM credentials you hold
  2. Document your CPE activity
  3. Retain proof of all activities entered for auditing*
  4. Pay CHIMA active certified membership dues on an annual basis

*The College performs audits annually on those CPE cycles ending during that period. Members are expected to retain proof or evidence for three years following the end of the 3-year cycle for each activity accumulated to submit to CCHIM for auditing purposes.

Note: This process has changed as of March 1, 2019.  The revised policy is simplified, better organized, and more comprehensive, allowing more forms of CPE credits.  


As the certifying body, CCHIM encourages newly certified HIM® professionals, to start earning CPE credits immediately upon passing the NCE. Starting March 1, 2018, prior to the start of their first cycle, newly certified members may begin participating in CPE activities and claim them in the first month of their cycle start. Certified members are required to keep a record of their CPE credits. It is recommended members use the downloadable CPE tracking tool (see below for more information).

Examples of CPE cycle tracking for new members to the profession:

NCE challenge date                                 CPE cycle start date

January                                                          March 1                                              

April                                                               March 1 (Following Year)

July                                                                 March 1 (Following Year)

September                                                     March 1 (Following Year)

November                                                     March 1 (Following Year)

For example, if your exam date is July 2019, your CPE tracking cycle official starts March 1, 2020. 


On March 1, 2019, we simplified the CPE categories, moving from 9 categories and 31 subcategories to 6 broader categories.

Work to streamline and improve the online CPE tracking system continues. In the interim, we developed a downloadable, easy-to-use tool for members to track CPE credits. This tool is an Excel document organized to offer quick selection of the new CPE categories while tabulating the CPE credits when entered. There are examples provided within the CPE Tracking Tool. 

All Active CHIMA Members: Please download the CPE Credit Tracking Tool to track credits. Please do not track CPE credits in the online tracking system at this time.

Please submit the CPE Tracking Tool with entered credits to by March 1, 2020, regardless of a member’s CPE cycle end date (i.e. if a member’s CPE cycle ends February 28, 2021, the Excel CPE Tracking Tool may be submitted to CCHIM prior to March 1, 2020). Please only submit the CPE Tracking Tool once.

Members who have already added CPE credits to the online system are not required to re-record in the Excel CPE Tracking Tool.

All certified members must earn the required number of CPE credits within the three (3) year cycle. Please refer to the table below for the number of mandatory CPE credits required, according to the credential(s) you hold.

CHIMA Credential(s)

Required CPE credits per 3-year cycle
























*All CHIM professionals are required to earn a minimum of 36 CPE credits over a three (3) year period. It is expected that certified members will choose CPE activities to support areas that will benefit an HIM professional. Of the 36 CPE credits, a minimum of 80% (or 29 credits) must be HIM-related.

Members who are non-compliant with the CPE Policy will be decertified. 

Click HERE to download a copy of the new Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Policy.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the new CPE Policy or CPE Tracking Tool.