Continuing Professional Education 

All active CHIMA members are required to participate in the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program, as defined by the governing regulations, in order to maintain certification. The online CPE tracking process became mandatory starting with the March 2009-February 2012 cycle. The electronic CPE tracking tool is available in the member’s only section of the CHIMA website. All CPE credit information must be entered into this system prior to the end of your cycle deadline date. Entry in this system is mandatory as the auditing reports are run using this data.
As is standard in many professional associations, members are required to be engaged in lifelong learning.  This is a College membership condition for those with CHIM designation.  All HIM professionals are required to earn a minimum of 36 CPE credits over a three (3) year period.  It is expected that certified members will choose CPE activities to support areas that will benefit an HIM professional. Of the 36 CPE credits, a minimum of 80% (or 29 credits) must be HIM-related.
A member who is non-compliant with the CHIMA mandatory CPE policy may be decertified.  If a member is decertified due to non-compliance with the CPE policy, they must provide proof of compliance prior to recertification. The submission of the documentation will be based on the following schedule:  if a person has not completed the 36 credits per 3 years, and has been decertified for four months, they must provide proof of 36 credits for the 3 year cycle and an additional four credits for the four months of decertification, the recertification fee and annual membership dues. If a person is decertified after they have paid their current membership dues within the same membership year, they will not have to repay membership dues.
The Council on Education and Professional Practice may, for good cause, waive or reduce the CPE credit requirements or grant an extension of time to complete the number of CPEs required for a CPE cycle. An extension of time shall not relieve the applicant of the responsibility for completion of the CPE requirements for the CPE cycle in which the end of the extension period falls. If extenuating circumstances arise, a member must contact the VP of Education and Professional Practice

Click HERE to download a copy of the CHIMA Mandatory Continuing Professional Education Credits Policy


CHIMA Mandatory Continuing
Professional Education Credits Policy:

Click HERE to download a copy of the CHIMA Mandatory Continuing Professional Education Credits Policy

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