CCDIS NCE application guide

CCDIS NCE application guide

The Canadian College of Health Information Management is the certifying body for health information national certification examinations in Canada. CHIMA, Canada’s health information management association, is the examination coordinator and responsible for delivering an online proctoring service to all candidates.


The following is a 10-step process for candidates writing the CCDIS NCE. Candidates will notice three entities that have come together to make this examination possible. These are: 

  • Canadian College of Health Information Management | certifying body
  • Canadian Health Information Management Association | examination coordinators and online proctoring service  

1. Understand general examination policies

Before applying to write an examination, candidates must review the NCE policies, rules, and regulations.

2. Review individual examination guide

Prior to applying to challenge an examination, candidates must read the applicable CCDIS NCE Guide. 

3. Ensure CHIMA membership is active

An active membership with CHIMA is required during both the application process and when writing the CCDIS NCE. 

4. Submit required application documentation

Graduate from a College-approved CDI specialty programTrained onsite with 3M
Candidates must login to their 3M portal to retrieve a copy of the following documentation:
– Certificate of course completion
– Transcript
Please submit documentation to [email protected]
– Letter from manager or 3M course leader stating the dates of completion for the program
Please submit documentation to [email protected]

5. Submit application and payment

In order to register for an examination, candidates must submit an application and provide payment. Payment will need to be received on or before the application deadline. To access the CHIM national certification application, please sign in and navigate to your dashboard using the arrow next to your name in the top right-hand side of the screen.

Scroll down to ‘My College certification’ and select ‘Manage.’ Then, select ‘National certification applications’ and choose the applicable NCE application.

My College certification card

My College certifications dashboard

6. Examination primer

Examination primers are available in the ‘Resources’ section of the website. Once purchased, the primer will be accessible in a personal dashboard under ‘My resources.’ 

7. Approved candidates to schedule date and time during examination period

Upon applications being approved, eligible candidates will receive an email from CHIMA to schedule an exam date and time. The time slots will be based on availability during eastern standard time business hours (Monday to Friday, with the exception of statutory holidays). This email is sent out 2–3 days* following the application deadline.

* At times, the College could run outside of these service level agreements due to extenuating circumstances. 

8.  Meet technology requirements (3 days before examination)

Candidates must read and fulfill the technology requirements found here: NCE online proctoring guidelines.

The following are four quick tests that will help with the setup experience:

  1. Test your web camera: Make sure you can be seen by your proctor. Click here to test your web camera.
  2. Test your microphone: Make sure you can be heard by your proctor. Click here to test your microphone.
  3. Test your internet speed: 25 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload is strongly recommended. Click here to test your internet speed.
  4. Test the proctoring software*: Make sure you can download and install the proctoring software on the computer planned for use during the examination. Some workplace computers have restrictions on the download and installation of new software. Click here to download.

*You will need to re-download the proctoring software on examination day, as access is only valid while it is open on a computer.

Please reach out to [email protected] for any questions that you may have related to the technical requirements in preparation for your examination. We are here to help you get prepared and be successful.

9. Examination day

Due to COVID-19, many candidates will be writing from home with other household members present. We ask that you limit the number of people who are connected to the internet to ensure there are no interruptions to the examination. 

The following are 7 check points that must occur the day of your examination:

  1. Get your test environment ready: Click here to review the online proctoring guidelines.
  2. Make sure your computer is connected to a power source.
  3. Test your internet speed again: 25 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload is strongly recommended. Click here to test your internet speed.
  4. Re-download the proctoring software 15-minutes before your examination start time: This proctoring software is only valid for the time that it is open on your device. Please do not close this software. Click here to download.

Candidates must enter their name when the session box comes up so that the proctor can recognize it. Please see the example below:

  1. Have your ID ready: Candidates must present one form of valid (not expired) government-issued photo identification to the proctor. It must contain the candidate’s photograph and signature.
  2. Have your phone ready: Ensure your phone is charged and ready to accept a call from your proctor to start the 30-minute authentication process.
  3. Access the examination: The proctor will provide you access to the examination when you arrive for the 30-minute authentication period. Please ensure you are signed into

The proctor’s video screen will be turned off during the exam writing as to not distract the candidate. Candidates can get the proctor’s attention by using the chat function or by calling CHIMA’s proctoring support number. 

Email questions on exam day to [email protected] or call 1-519-800-8300.

10. Receive results

Candidates will be able to view their grades by signing in to their dashboard. Please select ‘My College certification’ and navigate to ‘Examination History’. Grades are posted approximately 20 business days* after the examination period ends. Candidates who passed will receive an official certificate and welcome letter in the mail within 45 business days*.

* At times, the College could run outside of these service level agreements due to extenuating circumstances. 

Last updated 2020-07-02