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Value of Hiring Certified Health Information Management Professionals

The Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA) is Canada’s only certifying body and national association that represents leadership and excellence in health information management.

Benefits to Your Organization: 

CHIMA-certified members are dedicated professionals who can benefit your organization, through:

  • Being the only certified experts in the science and technology of health information management.
  • Proven competencies in maintaining integrity and confidentiality of personal health information within the Domains of Practice: Data Quality, Privacy, eHIM and Health Information Management standards.
  • Maintaining skills, knowledge and expertise through mandatory Continuing Professional Education (CPE)
  • Increasing efficiency and reducing cost
  • Reducing claims rejections 
  • Understanding of and compliance with regulatory standards and  guidelines
  • Minimize errors 

In addition to the benefits listed above, HIM professionals are highly trained in the latest information management technology applications and industry best practices. They understand the workflow in any health care provider organization from large hospitals to the physician office. HIM’s play a vital role in  patient care process, decision support, clinical documentation, and the operations management of health information and electronic health records. Having certified and skilled HIM professionals on staff optimizes an organizations ability to have the right information on hand when and where it is needed, while maintaining the highest standards of data quality, data integrity, confidentiality, and security.

Health Information Management is a diverse yet evolving field that incorporates clinical, management, finance, information technology, and law into one dynamic career path. Health Information Management professionals work in a variety of different settings and job titles. Aside from health records/information lifecycle management and related key services, they often serve in bridge roles, connecting clinical, operational, and administrative functions. 

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