Registration for the 2020 AGM

Registration for the 2020 AGM

The Canadian Health Information Management Association and Canadian College of Health Information Management (together, the Organization) invite you to attend the annual general meeting (AGM) on Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 1:30 pm–2:30 pm ET.

The Organization’s board of directors are looking forward to the AGM and the opportunity to engage with members from coast to coast to coast.

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Annual general meeting package

The AGM package for fiscal year 2019–2020 for registrants

Previous meeting minutes (June 6, 2019)
Accountability report

Voting & questions

Active professional and retired members in good standing will be able to vote on the proceedings of the meeting. In accordance with CHIMA Bylaws, Article IX Section 6, at any meeting of the Association, there shall be no proxy voting. Non-voting members (students and affiliates) along with the general public are welcome to listen in.

The 2020 AGM will be in listen-only mode and voting will occur through online polls.

Throughout the AGM, attendees are welcome to submit questions via the GoToWebinar chat window. Questions will be prioritized and answered during agenda item 3.1.

Purchase or renew your membership

The membership page on our website has information on the four types of CHIMA memberships that are offered. If you are interested in purchasing a student or affiliate membership, or would like to renew an existing membership, please see below.

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